How to Join THAG

If you are in the tourism, travel and hotel sector or related entities and wish to join THAG, you must ensure that your business complies with the Laws, Regulations, and Regulations of Guyana as it relates to the classification of your business.

Complete the Application form and  provide the relevant details as per the list seen below for the consideration of the THAG  Executive. When approved, you will be notified and invited to pay your membership dues to the Secretariat.

The requirements for the sector required that all service providers must possess the relevant reports and or certificates (where necessary) from:

  1. The Environmental Protection Agency
  2. Chief Environmental Health Officer
  3. The Chief Fire Officer
  4. The Central Housing and Planning Authority or the relevant council or local government authority
  5. The National Insurance Scheme
  6. In compliance with the Regulations The Guyana Revenue Authority Tourism Accommodation Establishments Regulations under the Guyana Tourism Act of 2002 before making the application for membership to THAG

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