Christmas in Guyana

A Guyanese Christmas “There’s No Place Like Home For The Holidays” By: Godfrey Chin Perry Como’s “There’s no Place like Home, in Guyana, for the Holidays” is a truism I endorse and can attest to, having had the privilege of spending the last three Christmases in Guyana, with a bonus of my three sons joining […]


Like all the other English speaking countries in the Caribbean Guyana celebrates the Anniversary of freedom from slavery on Emancipation Day, the first of August, each year.

Indian Arrival Day

Indian Arrival Day With the abolition of Slavery plantation owners in the British West Indies were desperate to find a new source of labour for their sugar estates. Emancipation had conferred on the Guianese labourers both physical and occupational mobility. They could withhold their labour temporarily or permanently and vacate the estates if living and […]

Rupununi Rodeo

The Rupununi Rodeo Easter weekend annually in Guyana sees the hosting of the Rupununi Rodeo at Lethem, the Guyana-Brazil border town in vacquero country where competition for vacquero supremacy runs high among the various ranches of the Rupununi region. Now a popular national event, the rodeo brings thousands by bus, SUVs, and even motorbikes thronging […]

Easter Weekend

Commences with the church services on Good Friday across the country followed by family oriented entertainment such as Kite  flying in the Parks across the city and  along the  Sea Wall, the Bartica River Regatta and the Rupununi Rodeo. Locals and visitors alike converge on these locals for a weekend of fun in the sun!

Bartica Easter Regatta

Bartica Regatta During the Easter weekend every year, Bartica a town at the confluence of the Mazaruni, Cuyuni and Essequibo Rivers hosts the Bartica Regatta, with a growing variety of entertaining holiday activities including water sports (featuring mostly speed boats), cricket, boxing, soccer, talent shows, a street parade and party, and a Miss Bartica Regatta […]

International Motor Racing

Motor Racing in Guyana Motor Racing has been a popular sport in Guyana for well over fifty years featuring all classes of Motor Cycles, Motor Cars and Go-Karts. Speedsters generally used the roadways for Drag Racing and Dirt Bike Racing was hosted at popular community grounds. With Motor Racing gaining in popularity, the Guyana Motor […]

Pakaraima Safari

The Pakaraima Mountain Safari “An Adventure of a Lifetime” The Pakaraima Mountain Safari (PMS), the Adventure of a Lifetime, entails traveling via 4 X 4 vehicles across Guyana’s Administrative Regions 4,8,9 and 10, starting below sea level and reaching approximately 3,800 ft above sea level. The journey takes approximately 4-5 days through unfriendly terrain, covering […]