Guyana by Road from Suriname

Travelling to Georgetown, Guyana by road via the Guyana/Suriname border from Paramaribo will take approximately 6-8 hours taking into consideration time for the ferry crossing and to have your vehicle cleared with the Customs Department.

The Canawaima Ferry Service (tel 592/339-2744, Guyana; 21 23 31 or 21 23 32, Suriname) operates between Moleson Creek, Guyana and South Drain, Suriname once daily. The 30-minute trip costs US$15 per person with open return for 21 days.

In order for visitors to drive into Guyana from Suriname, a temporary importation permit must be secured at the point of entry. Permits are valid for one month but can be extended by applying to the Customs Department.

To get a permit, present the following at the point of entry:

  1. Passport
  2. Driver’s Licence
  3. Proof of ownership (vehicle registration) / Rental documents (for vehicles rented in Suriname)
  4. Proof of Insurance

By Road from Brazil

This form of travel is for more adventurous traveler as it can be long, depending on the condition of the road, and dusty. Private bus operators traverse the Linden – Lethem Road taking passengers to tourist locations between the two (2) points of Linden and Lethem; namely Iwokrama Lodge, Atta Lodge and Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, Surama Village, and Rock View Lodge to name a few. There are approximately four scheduled stops along the road – Mabura, Number 58, the Crossing at Kurupukari and Corkwood and at the Lethem Police Station. Refreshments and bathroom facilities are available at Number 58.

Bus Services

  • GuyBRAZ Bus Service – Address: 28 Sheriff Street Campbellville, Georgetown. Tel: (592) 231 9752 or (592) 231 9753 to book your place on the bus.
  • P&A Guest House and Bus Service – Address: 75 Church Street, Georgetown. Tel: (592) 225 5058, (592) 628 6001, (592) 619 5532.
    • Bookings should be made the day before travel. Alternatively passengers may arrive prior to check in to secure a seat on the bus.
    • Weight allowed 50lbs. Overweight charges will be determined by volume of luggage.
    • Check in time is 17:00hrs/ 5:00pm
    • Departure time is approximately 18:30 hrs./ 6:30pm

Guyana and Brazil – Immigration Services

  • Immigration Processing on Brazilian side of the Border opens at 08:00 hrs and closes at 12:00 hrs. Reopens at 14:00hrs and closes at18:00hrs.
  • On the Guyana side of the border Immigration Services opens at 07:00hrs and closes at 18:00hrs.

Departing Guyana – Entering Brazil

When crossing the border into Brazil, travellers will be asked to prove that they have been vaccinated against yellow fever. These shots should be obtained prior to entry into Brazil. Visas are required before Canadian, US, Australian, Japanese, and Mexican citizens can enter Brazil. A visa cannot be obtained upon arrival so be sure to arrange one before stamping out of Lethem. It is possible to obtain a visa at the Brazilian Embassy in Georgetown, but this will require a few business days. There is a Brazilian consulate in Lethem where the visa can be obtained before crossing the border.