Cassava – the root that binds all Guyanese

By Donald Sinclair & Michelle Seepaul The cassava holds a special place in the hearts and, of course, in the kitchens of all Guyanese. It is truly a root that courses through the gastronomies of all Guyana’s peoples, appearing as a staple here, a snack there or a main meal in another place. Like the […]

On the Prowl

Guyana is in South America but has more in common with the Caribbean, and is the CTOs poster-child for sustainable tourism. Pippa Jacks goes in search of jaguars in this little-visited country. As the sun begins to peep over the forest canopy, the rainforest orchestra strikes up for its morning concert. Cicadas supply the strings […]

Fishing in the Jungle Rivers

For myself, old friends Nick Houlgate and John Petchey and, more recently, my brother Ian, February 2013 was not our first trip to the beautiful Country of Guyana. In fact this was our third visit in as many years and the reason can be found in Guyana’s other title, “The Land of Many Waters “. […]

Have a Wild Life

Wildlife Clubs of the North Rupununi By: Samantha James Since 2001 the wildlife festival has been held in Annai, North Rupununi, for three days. And in keeping with the spirit of sharing, clubs from all over Guyana are invited to attend and take part in the celebrations. A long time ago, in a forest far, […]

Journey of a Lifetime

Every two years a group of women from the UK seek out an unusual destination for a holiday. Not just any holiday, but one that will challenge them on a number of different levels. The reason is to raise funds for a small UK charity called JOLT (Journey of a Lifetime), which takes disadvantaged and […]

An Adventure to Remember: Channing Tatum & Friends Explore Guyana

Guyana is rapidly emerging as the new jewel in the crown of rainforest destinations around the World. Because of its size, relatively few tourists and the remoteness of the interior locations, many trips are planned by local operators who know the place well and can best work the infrastructure and attractions of Guyana into a […]