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Lethem, Guyana
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Bushmasters is an UK registered company running extreme adventure tours primarily in Guyana, but also in Belize and Jordan. Our specialty are two week long survival courses; in the Jungle, Desert and Islands.

The courses are run by the Bushmasters ex UK Special Forces Officer and local staff who know the environment and challenges of survival very well! After intensive training when you are living 100% in the environment we put you into a simulated survival scenario. You may be on your own in the jungle, in a small team navigating by the stars across an endless expanse of Arabian Desert or jumping from a helicopter into the sea and washing up on a desert island- and you have to survive: Can you cope!

Bushmasters also offer many other extreme adventure trips. Riding horses across the southern Rupununi of Guyana, herding in the cattle, branding the new-borns, lassoing the one year olds, driving 4×4 vehicles through the forest and savannah, rapelling off big waterfalls, trekking through jungle, over mountains and through rivers or even try your hand scuba diving with anacondas and caiman in the clear water creeks. And if you’re up for something a bit different how about paintball battles in the jungle! We have an adventure for everyone.

With our wide range of resources, qualifications, equipment and experience we have also become the go to company for TV productions in Guyana. The likes of the Discovery channel, BBC and National Geographic have all called on Bushmasters for fixer support, ranging from a two week shoot to nearly 8 straight months for a whole TV season. We handle everything from film permits to local staff/permissions to lifting the shows presenters out of the jungle suspended from a 50m rope dangling from a helicopter!

Bushmasters has been operational over 10 years in Guyana and if there is an adventure on your bucket list we’re the people to contact about it – we have got loads of ideas for amazing trips, come pick our brains and get ready for the most amazing experience of your life!

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