Café Tepuy - Roraima Residence Inn

R8 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park Georgetown
Tel: (592)225-9647-8/225-9650
Fax: (592)225-9646
Email: rriops@hotmail.com/ rriops@gmail.com

Located on the ground floor of the Roraima Residence Inn, is the cozy Cafe Tepuy. This medium sized restaurant boasts a wide range of sumptuous local and international cuisine. Enjoy scintillating flavors, creative dining choices, and customized catering. We offer a unique integration of fresh ingredients and expert culinary craft to ensure each meal is sensational. Opened daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the a la carte menu is guaranteed to thrill your taste buds. We also serve a complimentary continental breakfast. Whether in the restaurant or at the poolside, our delightful dinners will brighten your evenings. The Roraima Residence Inn is opened Monday to Sunday 6:30-11:00 pm.