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Karanambu Lodge

Welcome to Karanambu (Car-a-NAM-bo) Lodge Inc.
Settled in 1927, Karanambu was once a working cattle ranch and Balata collection station. It is now an eco-tourist destination known as  The Karanambu Lodge.  Karanambu encompasses approximately 110-square miles of savannah, marshy ponds, riparian forest, and a 30-mile stretch of the Rupununi River. Located in the North Rupununi, a region of southwestern Guyana known for its expansive wetlands and savanna, as well as its biological and cultural diversity. There may be as many as 700 species of fish at Karanambu — more than anywhere on Earth. Village neighbors include the Makushi villages of Kwaimatta, Massara, Yupukari, Toka, and Simoni. Though remote, Karanambu is increasingly popular as an ecotourist destination. Visitors stay at the award-winning Karanambu Lodge, where hosts Andrea and Salvador de Caires will welcome you as old friends. The Lodge provides guests with the opportunity to experience the wildlife of Karanambu.  With a bird list of over 600 species, Karanambu is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The Lodge also provides excellent viewing opportunities of giant river otters, giant black caiman and of course the giant anteaters. The evening ritual of watching the giant water lily, Victoria amazonica, open is a memorable experience. Karanambu is also the home of Diane McTurk, conservationist and world-renowned expert on giant otters. Diane’s legendary hospitality is extended to every guest, even when Diane is not at home. 

Karanambu Lodge, Inc.

Karanambu North Rupununi Guyana
Andrea and Salvador de Caires
Lodge cellphone: 592 613-0455