The Savannah Inn is on the outskirts of Lethem, five minutes drive from the airport.

We have 7 cabins with air-conditioning and en-suite 3 piece bathrooms with hot and cold water. There are also 6 rooms off the Great Room also with en-suite 3 piece bathrooms.

The Great Room has a dining area with large family-sized tables where we offer complimentary tea, coffee, fresh juice, water and fresh fruit at all times. There is also a lounge with comfortable chairs and sofas and tables for games and just relaxing. Plus an information centre and our reception.

In the garden we have a large Benab with hammocks and a bar. Plus lots of chairs and tables for games.

Savannah Inn
Lethem, Guyana
Tel/Fax: 592 772 2035/592 227 4938
Email Linda@savannahguyana.com
Web: http://www.savannahguyana.com/