The Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana provides a unique opportunity for members to enhance partnerships and develop initiatives that can directly affect the efficiency and success of their businesses. The intention of the Association is to act as a catalyst bringing members closer to potential clients in a cost effective way.

Benefits of membership include:

  • PR & Marketing of Product and Services

    Public Relations and Marketing activities have expanded to include promotion and awareness using Social Media Platforms. The Association now has an active Facebook Page of more than 4000 likes where the services, product and people (you and your staff) that help to create last memories for our visitors are promoted. The enhanced THAG Website and booking engine will add value to the promotion of member services and facilitate smoother travel planning for visitors. It will allow travellers to book their accommodation as they browse their options of what to do whilst here.Members are also able to add the link to the Booking Engine on their website at no additional cost.

  • Training

    THAG is able to provide superior training opportunities for its members and their staff facilitated through negotiations with international donor agencies and the funding of training opportunities. These exchanges have made it possible for both local and international expertise to provide the best possible training for the industry at affordable costs. Members are granted first preference to training provided at a subsidized rate and the opportunity to these international trainers visit and provide support to their businesses on exchange visits. Non-members are required to pay the standard rate.

    THAG is presently collaborating with the Canadian Executive Services Organisation (CESO) to develop capacity within the various areas of the sector, whilst improving the level of service supplied by the sector.

  • Networking

    The importance of networking cannot be devalued. New members will gain immediate access to an exceptional community of local, regional and international professionals with extensive experience in the industry. As a member of the Caribbean Hotel Association, collaborating with our regional counterparts facilitate meaningful exchanges, training and promotion of goods and services.

  • Tradeshow Participation

    THAG organises regional and international sales blitz and attendance at international trade fairs annually for its members. When attending tradeshows as part of the Association, THAG will facilitate:-
    1. Exposure and marketing of your product at a significantly reduced cost.
    2. Rebated airfares negotiated by THAG.
    3. Reduced hotel rates when attending trade shows.
    4. Access to generic collateral materials.
    5. THAG through assistance provided by Caribbean Airlines will ship magazines to the various destinations in advance at no cost provided the flights are not fully booked.

  • Greater lobbying power

    Issues affecting the collective membership, that of a few or even one individual member will be reviewed and afforded representation and support at the relevant levels. THAG continues to lobby the Government of Guyana in the following areas:
    1. Revision of the Fiscal and Incentive Regime for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
    2. Reduction of VAT for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
    3. Identification of the Tourism Sector as line item in the budget
    4. Promotion of domestic tourism – Review the taxation on travel allowance to encourage more local travel
    5. Development of a waste management plan for Guyana
    6. Product development i.e. infrastructure for sea, road and air access to the respective tourist attractions, signage
    7. Development, financing and implementation of a national tourism marketing strategy
    8. Development of a National Human Resource Needs Assessment for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector
    9. Expansion of the Lethem Airstrip to receive larger carrier from the Coast and State of Roraima, Brazil
    10. Certification and Implementation of the four (4) Tourism Regulations 2009 under the Guyana Tourism Authority Act of 2002

  • Technology

The Association negotiated with a local broadband provider to provide internet service package for members in outer-lying regions. The Association upon signing a three (3) year contract with the provider secured for THAG Members exclusively:

A download speed of 10Mbps with an upload speed of 512 Kbps and a bandwidth of 25GB per month of a cost of US $350 (Guy $70,000) per month.

  • Advertising

    Services provided by the membership are listed in Membership Directory at the back of the Explore Guyana Magazine, free of charge. This excellent high quality glossy magazine is annually launched at the World Travel Market and shipped to Guyana’s Foreign Offices in London, New York, Washington and Toronto for dissemination.

    The publication is included in information packages provided to Diaspora markets and official visiting delegations. Local delegations attending international or regional conferences, international tradeshows and fairs include our tourist guide with your information as a selling point of what Guyana has to offer.

    Advertising spaces within the magazine afford members the opportunity to advertise at a reduced cost of that regularly charged.

  • Duty Free Concessions

    THAG facilitates and makes the process easier by providing valuable information so you can enjoy duty free concessions provided by Government of Guyana for some aspects of your operation. This is facilitated by the Guyana Office for investment. Please check their website for details on concessions available.

  • Access to Information Network

    Members are allowed access to comprehensive sources of information about the industry locally, regionally and internationally.

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