The Pakaraima Mountain Safari

“An Adventure of a Lifetime”

The Pakaraima Mountain Safari (PMS), the Adventure of a Lifetime, entails traveling via 4 X 4 vehicles across Guyana’s Administrative Regions 4,8,9 and 10, starting below sea level and reaching approximately 3,800 ft above sea level. The journey takes approximately 4-5 days through unfriendly terrain, covering over 600 miles, passing more than 25 Amerindian Villages before reaching its destination, Orinduik Falls on the Guyana / Brazil border.

Pakaraima  Safari 10

The PMS offers some of the most beautiful geological features to be experienced in the Guianas. This frontier is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna and the rich history of our indigenous people are evident throughout the regions.

2014 marked 12 consecutive years for the hosting of the annual Pakaraima Mountain Safari with plans to largely increase the participation of locals and in a significant way promote Amerindian Villages and Community Based Tourism.

The event which is dubbed ‘An Adventure of a Lifetime’ will take participants on eight days of thrilling adventures across Guyana’s rugged and mountainous hinterland in a convoy of 4WD Vehicles inclusive of Motorbikes and ATVs and will see participation from Jamaica, Trinidad, Suriname, Brazil and Venezuela.

The final inspection for the vehicles embarking on the 2014 Pakaraima Mountain Safari was undertaken on 2 April, where each vehicle was branded with the 2014 Safari Logo and those of the sponsors.

Participants and sponsors gathered at the Sophia Exhibition Site for the inspection ceremony, where representatives from the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Rainforest Tours provided a synopsis of the highly anticipated activity.

Sponsoring the event this year is the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) which will be outfitting the entire team, Guyoil/Castrol, Marketing & Distribution and MMC.

This eight-day event, organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce in collaboration with Rain Forest Tours and with assistance from the Region 8 and 9 Administration, began in the wee hours of April 12, when the convoy of 26 vehicles departed the Guyoil Gas Station, on Regent Street, Georgetown.

Participants of the 12th Pakaraima Mountain Safari, enjoyed the ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ Pakaraima Safari 74travelling to some of the most remote areas in Guyana, spanning hundreds of miles. Undulating hills, deep gorges and dangerous mountain passes were expertly navigated over the period of the Safari, taking the brave Safarians closer and closer to their destination, Orinduik Falls.

Over the ensuing period, the team passed through several Amerindian villages on their 600 miles journey, including Karasabai, Tiperu, Rukumoto, Morabaiko, Monkey Mountain and Kato among others.

While the participants braved the elements and battled the rough terrain, they treasured the opportunities for interacting with the residents from the various communities along the way.

They also expressed anticipation at having the chance to experience the Rupununi Rodeo in Lethem, which is the convoy’s final destination.

The first Safari was held in March 2003 with a convoy of four Land Rovers and two Tractors and Trailers that journeyed from Karasabai in Region Nine to Orinduik Falls in Region Eight.